Last week I drove the green on a par-4 yds! I purposely came over the top and held off my finish a bit. It was straight as an arrow too. I had played with steel sh afts for years in the Cleveland CG4 irons that I played prior to getting this set. This driver sounds like a shotgun and I love it.

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This driver sounds like a shotgun and I love it. My off line drives were still playable and my poor jibore were due to a bad swing not the clubs fault. Bit as i found it inconsistent i decided to stay with my TopFlite Gamer 3 wood of the tee.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I guess the only course left is to go back to a stiff shaft to determine if that will correct the trajectory or if I will need to change from the hybrid irons. Although I am 60 my swing speed is but my clevelznd is extremely high and not boring as it was prior to this purchase. I had to make contact well out on the toe or way in on the heel before I could tell where the clubface met the ball.

I still hit my old Launcher 4W although with a new Fujikara E shaft. Cleveland is placing titanium spines inside the clubhead to direct impact energy to the ball to create hiboree efficient energy transfer and high ball speeds from impact locations. I bought this set after trying the new technology club head style with the irons.

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2009 Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS – Price Drop

I am an avid golf fan who doesnt get to golf as much as i’d like. I am a newbie golfer and don’t practice more than 1 a week if that, but I have been playing long enough to decide to commit to a set of clubs to be the next level cldveland addressing my game.

Compared to the Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS range, the Cleveland Launcher driver is more of a players club as the higher moment of inertia means it is easier to work the ball uibore this club. However, if you like making an impact with performance you will find that the Clevland HiBore Monster XLS driver will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow.

Reviews: Cleveland Hi-Bore XLi Iron set Golf Club | eBay

My misses generally came when I did not hold off the finish and drew it into the left rough. Perfect clubs for older golfer or one who has trouble hitting irons.

I have the XLS This driver is a must have. I have tried everything I can think of to bring the trajectory down but have had no luck controlling it. It sounded like something had exploded at the bottom of the swing. I hit 12 balls each with a yibore iron and threw out the worst 4 shots.

I wish Cleveland would make a 17 deg fairway wood in the XLS technology; it would be a winner. I bought hiblre XLS 9.

Cleveland 2009 Launcher Driver Review

I have the 6 through PW and now I’m going to have to add the 3 through 5 to complete the set and I’ve never carried an ceveland lower than a 5, that is how good they are. It also provides a feature that at first seems silly, but is actually pretty nice to use. The ball started going straight and gaining the typical height of my drives. Overall, the XLS only wants to go straight via a cut swing. Strongly recommend this club as a game improvement choice. To my surprise, I hit more fairways than I ever have before.

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Your review is absolutely correct! Another classy Launcher offering – as we’ve come to expect from Cleveland.

Well about metres on the fly is achievable with this beauty, so depending on fairway conditions you are considerably shortening holes. I just got the xls today and took it out to the driving range, it was amazing 25 yards farther and tons less spin than my old ram driver.

Im a strong guy so hitting long usually isnt a problem when I can hit but yesterday it was a breeze. The hardest club for me to hit has always been my driver. I think it does setup slightly closed as some of the reviews have mentioned. There might be nothing subtle about this but it gets the job done for you off the tee.