This mixer is now EOL by Serato it won’t work with their new software so a bunch of these might be coming on the used market soon. This is probably unlikely to cause any permanent damage, but I’m not willing to continue playing around with this, since the mixer cost me a lot of money, and I don’t want to break it. I think the HID communication with Mixxx caused the mixer to reset. I shouldn’t have said I finally got to test it out before because it was really my friend who tried, and he apparently did not know how to use ASIO4all. This is a common problem for laptops that don’t have double insulated power supplies and can be resolved by using ground loop isolators.

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Rane TTM 57

As you say, it’s in their interest to provide Linux support, so that more people buy their hardware. Latency on Asio Driver checked?

Also shop in Also ytm in. Do I just install Serato? Perhaps all of the mixer outputs are always available to Serato, and it just chooses which to use rather than instructing the mixer to provide a particular output? Posted Wed 11 May 11 6: Okay, great to hear that it is an HID device!


Posted Mon 16 Jul 07 8: Posted Wed 30 May 07 tt, No, create an account now. I saw your comment in IRC. Browse Related Browse Related.

I’ve used USBTrace http: D-Twizzle Home user Member since thanks for the link norway, i asked if their qsio an update to it. However, I found a thread on the Serato forums http: Thanks for your comment. I just cleaned the faders and made sure everything functions as it should. I think there are four checkboxes and they can pick two.

SKRATCHWORXâ„¢ v2 – Rane TTM 57SL – by Deft – September

Number of Channels 2. I was just unable to change any cables per the club’s request. Things have been moved around to incorporate the central Scratch Live hardware controls, but the whole look is very familiar. If you have access to Serato hardware you have access to Serato, is my understanding.

When I’m using the mixer with Serato, I set the mixer to output the digital signal coming back from Serato, which carries the overlayed audio. I must test midi mode 57xl mixer if it is midi-usb compatible The sound outputs fine however. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.


I’m running Mixxx under Ubuntu You actually don’t need to load a preset at all.

I think I should develop usb alsadriver for the mixer or tfm I can use alsadriver parameter to recognise other input??? It will cost them in the long run. The latest version, v1.

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An insert point can only have one effect applied to it at a time, but both effects can be used simultaneously on different points. D-Twizzle Home user Member since Alright, I tried hooking up my ttm57 to vdj with the asio drivers and it doesn’t seem to work right.

Clubs are qsio to constrain themselves in this way. How can I do to help for the alsa driver?? I just tried running Serato in Wine, but unfortunately it’s unable to communicate to the mixer over USB.