While not being a panic spreading issue it can simply be fixed. For support and development for all drivers we use the linux-wireless IRC channel on irc. IMO it can only cover that it fixed the issue for you. No description available for nic-usb- modules- 2. But those characters I happen to know by heart are correct and all other look correct to me However, the characters previously corrupted appear in a different color now.

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Fix sent to upstream accepted into -mm. No character corruption occurs anymore in my sampletable. No description available for nfs-modules- 2.

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No summary available for scsi-modules Technology Upstream driver No summary available for parport-modules This patch was included in the first Karmic upload. So the lower characters use the colours with index and the upper characters the colours with index No summary available for nfs-modules No summary available for linux-image-debug No description available for crypto- modules- 2. The characters are are displayed correctly when booting into single user mode and not starting X.


Typically about one national character missing. Thanks for the intrepid versions. Sorry for bad English.

Its looks like characters on intrepid- random- pixel-range. No summary available for fat-modules No description available for linux-headers- 2.

uboot-imx atheros PHY driver config question? | NXP Community

Changed in linux Ubuntu Intrepid: No description available for md-modules- 2. Technology Legacy driver Upstream driver No summary available for nic-modules But those characters I happen to know by heart are correct and all other look correct to me.

No summary available for usb-modules Atheros drivers tend to follow a lineage of hardware families and as they progress pick things up from one family or another and sometimes keep things the same. No description available for sata-modules- 2.

No description available for ide-modules- 2. No summary available for pata-modules Changed in linux Ubuntu Hardy: I try to summarize all information I have collected in this new general report and mark the earlier reports about special cases as duplicates.


uboot-imx atheros PHY driver config question?

I have only Hardy and Intrepid systems. Just after loading linnux font with characters in it you will immediately see the corruption. No summary available for storage-core-modules Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug But I ask someone else to be safer.