GoNz0 Jul 11, These drivers kept interfering with editing software where I use ASIO drivers and an external sound card. This worked perfectly, however I hear a scratchy noise on all the time even when music is not playing. Want to add to the discussion? Oh well, I use an external bluetooth speaker anyway.

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Note that my first unit no longer has working speakers, both are dead.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. At home, decent external speakers are a better idea. I also noticed the palm rest on top of the speakers got rather warm dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio I would play music at higher volume settings.

If you want to keep headphones working and get rid of dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio MaxxAudioPro background processes, fel welcome maxxaudko use the script here: My speakers resonate and vibrate if the sound is too loud omg thanks Dell.

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XPS 15 9550 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset!

Create your own Preset. If your laptop is still under warranty and don’t mind the repair process or the risk of their speakers dying, simply give it dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio try and report back.


Couple days go by and the right xpss speaker gets too staticky during any sort of sound coming through the speaker.

First off, when you turn off Dell’s MaxxAudio preset you realize right away at how bad the speakers sound. I’ve paid enough dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio this that I want to better sound but not at the cost of overheating. This did it for me on my !

XPS 15 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset! | NotebookReview

My third replacement is on it’s way and I will also be testing that unit too. I was listening to music on iTunes and had Firefox open with 1 tab and the temp was running around 52C – 55C which is really high IMO see attached picture. A lot of people have dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio about how bad the ‘s speakers are and that they are staticky or distort. Turn back on the preset and the speakers come alive, literally.

My 3rd replacement gets here Tuesday and honest if the speakers go bad on it, I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone using the speakers in this laptop anywhere near max volume. Either way I’m glad dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio all working for you. I’ve turned off the dell maxx audio preset and am running my own preset with the bass turned down.

JamesG87Jan 28, How do i remove it? Want to add to the discussion?



Right-click on both and go into Properties dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio set startup type to disabled. Now it all works smooth as a charm.

Do you already have an account? Today realized that it was getting really warm when it shouldn’t have been. I noticed static and it became more frequent.

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A lot of vibration on the palm rest but i didnt think it would be an issue. The speakers on this unit is dying but with this preset here I get no static.

I have a btw. Oh well, I use an external bluetooth speaker anyway. DanielCalladine Jul 6, For myself they’re connected together, and hence share the same volume, and I have the realtek drivers installed. Too bad they couldnt have gone with macbook pro dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio speakers. Search first – avoid reposting.

BUT, if I shut off the preset the speakers do not distort however they sound god awful.