If your print server is with only one port, you donot need to configure this Type field. You can enter the installedlocation of the print server here. It offers printing flexibility andmanageability on your Local Area Network at an extremelylow cost and with an absolute minimum setup andmaintenance required. You have completed the installation phase and prepareto configure the Print Server. Install all necessary utilities and drivers in your PC includingthe client utilities. The Print Server is installed completely.

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Pleaserefer to section 7. Youcan let the print server automatically select the channelthat is the same with the peer or manually assign achannel.

After installation, the printer modelwill be added to the list. This utility isautomatically installed during Windows AdministratorUtility installation procedure – refer to section 3.

Guide You Through All the Settings. Change the current file server, if necessary, using theChange Current File Server menu selection.

Theselimits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation.

In order to use the remote printing function, you will haveto proceed with normal Add Printer procedure and selectyour printer port as the newly added remote printer port.

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Edimax PSU Print Server USB/Parallel prices

Choose the Print Queue Information menu selection. After enteringthe IP address of the print server, a login page display.

Client Installation and Configuration refer to section 3for more detailed information. Please reboot theprint server to let these settings take effect. If you select to let the print server scan for an activewireless station, the following window will pop up. Users can plug the Ethernet cable to the print server at the first, afterconfiguring the print server features and wireless settings; they canunplug the Ethernet cable to enable the wireless connection.

Please choose the language to start the configuration. The print server eximax use these parametersto join the AppleTalk network and share the printer toother AppleTalk workstations. The Administrator Installation Program executes a wizard-drivenprocedure that performs the following tasks: Please make sure edi,ax the Print Server and the Printerhave turned on and connected to the network correctlybefore you 3207h.

Other network userscan simply connect to the server and access edmiax sharedprinter see below. Page 57 Compare with NetWare printing functionality, theadvantages of embedding the NetWare network printingfunctionality in the print server include: Select to enable required printing protocol. The network port driver supports network protocol auto-detection.


Edimax PS-3207U Print Server USB/Parallel

The list can only display the devices from Ediamx. All of your previous setup will be cleared. Page 87 Ad Hoc Mode: You can usethis name to identify the print server when you aresearching for the print server by the administration andclient utilities.

Please refer to section 7. Through quick and simpleinstallation procedure, users can immediately enjoy theconvenience of network printing. This information will be displayed in theSNMP management tool. You have completed the setting.

Page 65 Lines should be indented with tabs. You can get the printer type from the manufacturerof the printer. Page 3207, enter the password you want to change to theprint server.

Tell us what’s missing. Setup the NetWare printing. Or the printing document will not be printedcompletely or with unformatted messages. Select Print Server Configuration.