This has meant some minor changes in mtrr. Before we proceed any further, it is absolutley vital that you have worked out how to program the flash chip, and how you are going to get back to your original bios when things go wrong. The port is set up to use baud, 8bit, No parity, 1 stop bit. However corebootv2 has a few more tricks up its sleeve should you find yourself hungry for more. I’ve always assumed that one day it would be replaced with proper autodetection – a job for someone with access to the appropriate documentation i. Here is a list of my findings:.

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I can try installing Windows 98 on it if that helps?

It should be fine for Windows This has to be configured too. Get Linux installed on your corebootv2 machine. Retrieved from ” https: There should be drivers for the integrated devices. If both are plugged in, the EPIA would display on the monitor. Customize The Tech Report As long as you have this command line set up correctly, and an os image in the right place, then FILO should proceed to boot into your Linux os.

The other 64K is for your vga bios which is simply merged with the coreboot image. This has meant some minor changes in mtrr.

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In particular look at the line:. Here is a list of my findings:. I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purposewithout epa-m conditions, unless such conditions are required by law. You can always drop in a replacement PCI sound card or faster video card depending on what you need. However it is easy enough to create your own using the steps above.

The bios saviour includes a second flash rom chip, and either of these chips can epla-m selected as the active chip by a simple supplied electrical switch mounted on flying leads. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

VIA’s EPIA-M10000 platform

With a connection to the serial port set atyou should see corebootv2 come up, launch FILO, and if you have a timeout set in FILO, then it may be waiting for you to confirm its boot command line. What’s important to remember here is that the EPIA-M integrates all of its peripherals into significantly less board real estate than most motherboards.

Some people are finding that the bios initialisation code is crashing with a random interrupt vector. This arrangement requires port sharing for those bga to run six-channel speakers and use the board’s mic or line in ports. As for how useful it would be – what do you want to do with it?


VIA’s EPIA-M platform – The Tech Report – Page 2

The configuration as set up by the buildtarget process will create a coreboot file which is exactly bytes long, which is exactly 64K bytes short of what needs to go into the K flash rom. The wiki is being retired!

If you need to make any changes to the configuration, for example you wish to locate filo. July 21, The “Supra-Server”. This disclaimer is brought vgz you thanks to the BSA.

Download FILO from http: February 18, The “Rundfunker”. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. July 14, The “Moo Cow Moo”.

ComputerSphere – mounting the VIA Epia M motherboard – Travis’ Blog

December 15, The “Deco Box”. Having said that, happycube is correct in that the -M boards epia-mm bad caps. Return to General Old Hardware.

The next problem encounterred was that after vga initialisation, the screen didn’t come on.