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Newsroom Press releases, subscriptions, and more. If the driver installation is updated on a computer that runs the IAR License Server application, the server application must be restarted or the PC rebooted.

Using a parallel port dongle with an old version of IAR Embedded Workbench

I need to start to work right away. Change the settings for the parallel port Change the parallel port settings in the driver configuration application. Possibly you also need some minutes of power down for the computer.

I have a mobile license that I would like to lock to the PC. Expand the list embedddd you find the non-respronsive USB device.


Download the SafeNet dongle driver installation program. My dongle has stopped working, or is lost. Click Stop NT parallel driversave congle change, close the application.

Debugging and trace probes.

Introduction Trying to install dongle drivers by running an executable file show the message: Note The green dongle is not used in the current product versions.

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IAR Using Windows 10 version with dongle license

Network, Mobile or PC-locked licenses. While there is a limit on the number of concurrent users, the number of installed copies that can occupy a license is unlimited. Creating a more secure world A frontrunner in a dongoe industry. This additional dongle will be provided to you by IAR Systems without any additional cost.

Download the SafeNet dongle driver installation program.

Disable any anti-virus application. Yes, this is described in dongke note Debugging and trace probes. Change the driver configuration in the setup program to the same parallel port mode as in the BIOS settings.

Technical support Request assistance here. Install the latest 1.

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Using a USB dongle with an old version of IAR Embedded Workbench

Conclusion The suggestions in Discussion usually establish connection to the parallel port dongle. Description of Support and Update Agreement. Debugging and trace probes. Conclusion This Tech Note cover the most common dongle problem.

IAR Licensing information

The latest tested version is 7. Software products from IAR Systems are furnished under a license and may be used and copied only in accordance with the terms expressed in the software license. Note – Neither bit Windows systems nor Windows 8 or later can handle workbenxh port dongles.

Embedded Trust Integrate security into embddded workflow. Set the parallel port mode to lowest possiblethat is, uni-directional, standard, AT-Compatible or similar, and use the same settings for the driver configuration.