This manual briefs the profile of the E, and the preparation, and installation process. Preparing E 1 3. Deactivate near Hearing Devices Deactivate your wireless device near hearing devices. It is rare, but your PC could generate sparks. Deactivate in Blasting Areas Deactivate your wireless device where blasting is in progress.

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Do NOT allow children to play with your wireless device. E is searching for a network huswei no network is available. If the software is not operational after an ESD, modem huawei e226 the modem software application.

GPRS data service is established. Do not connect your wireless modem huawei e226 to any incompatible products. Auxiliary USB data cable Note: However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

E226 HSDPA USB Modem User Manual Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd

PC 3 4 1 Double-click on the status area of the desktop; the “Safely Remove Hardware” prompt is displayed. Do not disconnect the E during the installation process. Deactivate in Modem huawei e226 Areas Deactivate your wireless device where blasting is in progress. Obey regulations or rules at hospitals. Deactivate While Driving Deactivate in Aircrafts Immunity to Interference Deactivate your wireless device before boarding or in any aircraft.

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Removing the E To remove the E, use the hardware deleting function of Windows. Then connect the E with the modem huawei e226.

Modem huawei e226 is modem huawei e226 to the following two conditions: Do not expose your wireless device to open flames or lit tobacco products. Table of Contents All Rights Reserved No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. To use the E, configure a computer according to the following items: Only authorized personnel are allowed to do so.

For the operation of the management program, see User Manual. WCDMA data service is established. A separation distance of at least 20 cm must be kept between the antenna used for this transmitter and all persons. If the installation succeeds, the modem huawei e226 icon of the Manager appears e226 the desktop.

As a precaution, always make sure that the wireless device is already in your hand before you insert or remove the SIM card. If the installation wizard does not respond, double-click the AutoRun.

Huawei E Unlocked HSDPA 3g GSM USB Mobile Broadband AirCard Modem | eBay

omdem Do not attempt to disassemble your wireless device. Cleaning and Maintenance Deactivate at Hospitals y Before you clean or maintain modem huawei e226 wireless device, close all applications using wireless device modem huawei e226 remove your wireless device from your PC. Use approved accessories only. Every effort has been made in the preparation of this huasei to ensure accuracy of the contents, but all statements, information, and recommendations in this manual do not constitute the warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.


Safety Information Obey Laws and Regulations Please read the safety information carefully to ensure the correct and safe use of your wireless device. The OS automatically detects and modem huawei e226 the new hardware and 3 Follow the instructions to install the Modem huawei e226 Manager.

Wireless devices can cause interference in aircrafts. It is rare, but your PC could generate hiawei. Your wireless device is immune to interferences caused by audible signals. Blue, Blinking once every 2. Installing the E Manager 1 Connect the E to a computer.