If it works at your neightboor home, is that a solution?! Please login or register. The following error or errors occurred while this message: Everything should be ok, as far as i can see. I try on my second PC.

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If I understand the problem you are not getting this to work on the newer machine. Then the same key has to apply to your phone when it asks for the message to connect. Its usually a 4 digit number. P54g how you “partner” the devices to work with each other.

MSI PC54G-BT Wireless+Bluetooth

You are using this card?? I dont have any bluetooth devices to try it on, except a mobile phone Sont Ericcson ki, which supports bluetooth. Please login or register.

I don’t have any MSI routing or net cards so I may not be the best one to help but I will go as far as I am able to help.


MSI PC54G (MS-6825)

If it is, that with theses. Software installation does not help. Trying to do the best with what little i have But if you have everything working with the drivers installed, and you are sure, then you have to go on your phone, and turn on the Bluetooth function to “locate me” or something equivalent to that.

Thx for any help and ideas. I cant find any specific information about this anywhere, so i thought i could try here.

It opens and immediately closes. It doesn’t function on the computer. Check that if you have this card.

If so, it looks like you have to have that USB jumper connected to your motherboard. However this may be best to contact MSI support directly about. Have you tried updating your drivers?

Have you checked in Device manager to see if there was a conflict? I hoped there was at least AN answer The following error or errors occurred while this message: PC54G2 I guess I first buy another mark. A least 3 times!


Even with Ralink’s one. Arn’t you hosted by MSI?! If you drop your keys in molten lava, forget them; because, man, there gone! Like usual, the device isn’t recognized: I’m looking for an issue!

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If it works at your neightboor home, is that a solution?! What does that mean? It should ask for a “key” you have to make up. Comments like “Waiting for answers!