That card is similar in most regards except where clocks are concerned. Fortunately, they’ve taken the whole card a step further from there. And you’ll have two 6-pin connectors on the card. Though the real clock frequency is MHz, the outcome in effective bandwidth is the sustained data rate x4. Though you do get an optimized product and well, everything you need to get going.

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Great to see, now we just need monitors that have them: Page List Top 1. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Well, the 1st thing you’ll notice is a turbo switch, which allows you to select a second BIOS in an overclocked product state, we actually spot a display-port connector and next to that.

Unreal Tournament III 7. Typically accumulated GDDR5 has much higher palit radeon hd 4870 based memory versus tight timings. Yet we fail to see why the palit radeon hd 4870 would switch back to normal mode after selecting the turbo mode. Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world.

Palit Radeon HD Specs – CNET

Well, only time will tell. It’s overclocking done easy.


Palit has a definite winner with their Sonic Dual Edition though. Rather than just slap a GPU along with a sprinkle of memory chips on palit radeon hd 4870 PCB, they are looking to offer extra features that set their product apart.

This product has been armed with GDDR5 memory and that certainly makes a difference. Dark Base Pro Rev.

Fortunately, they’ve taken the whole card a step further from there. Unfortunately palit radeon hd 4870 cooler does not exhaust hot air outside the PC. This will give the an astounding Obviously included for better thermals, as the Radeon series radeoon get really hot. Palit Sonic Turbo.

Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic 1GB Graphics Card

Introduction, Closer Look 2. See, the memory frequency is double that of double data rate. The new UVD 2. Find other tech palit radeon hd 4870 computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

Find other tech and computer products like radoen over at Amazon’s website. Last but not least, the card actually comes with a Display port connector.

Palit Radeon HD Sonic 1GB Graphics Card

Futuremark 3DMark Vantage A healthy boost, but palit radeon hd 4870 jaw-dropping. The first one we’re going to be looking at comes from Palit and carries with it a bit more than the reference cooler and clocks. You will notice that AMD’s board partners will have higher clock frequencies on this product boosting out some raden performance.


Though you do get an optimized product and well, everything you need to get going. With the switch in its original position, the card will palit radeon hd 4870 as a normal-clocked HD with slightly overclocked memorybut flick it to the Turbo position and the Core clock gets bumped by 25MHz over stock and the memory by MHz.


As a manufacturer you should include two of these. Bundled we see the following: Due to the cooler this product is based on a dual-slot design.

The card utilizes an array of aluminum fins like most others on the market, but with the help of the dual fans, more of the card is covered and heat gets exhausted radon towards palit radeon hd 4870 back quickly. Call of Duty 4 5. Math processing rate Multiply Add.